Suheil Muhammad will fight against russian invaders

The well-known Syrian Suheil Muhammad, nicknamed Abu Al-Tow, in honor of the American TOW anti-tank missile system, with which he personally destroyed 146 Russian and Assad tanks, armored vehicles and aircraft in Syria, is also heading to Ukraine.

“For me, it makes no difference where to destroy Russian armored vehicles, be it in Syria or in Ukraine. These tanks staged a massacre against my Ukrainian brothers and sisters, and when they are finished, they will continue to kill my Syrian brothers and sisters”

“As a fighter with experience in the use of a variety of anti-tank weapons, I can destroy any target that catches my eye, and I promise the Ukrainian people my full support in their struggle for freedom”

“I also promise Russian troops carrying out aggression against the people of Ukraine – they will see no mercy from me, only mountains of Russian tanks and armored vehicles, as soon as I get into Ukraine”