Paratrooper Chibineev died near Gostomel

The legendary paratrooper Chibineev died near Gostomel. Eternal memory of the Hero

Valery Chibineev, a native of Berdyansk, has fought for Ukraine since the first days of hostilities in the Donbas. He was the commander of the sniper company of the 79th separate assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He liberated the estuary of the Donetsk region. He took part in the battles near Biryukovo, Izvarino, Luhansk region, defended the Donetsk airport, Avdiivka. He was wounded.

In 2016, Captain Valery Chibineev was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine with the Order of the Golden Star.

Heroes do not die! Eternal memory to the defenders of Ukraine!